Dealing With Your Insurance Company

RAC Services and insurance

Filing a Claim

We recommend you call your insurance company and file a claim. We will help you through this process if you have never done this before.  In most cases, your insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage and work with you to resolve the claim.

What happens next..

After the insurance company schedules the appointment to come and evaluate your property one of our Certified Pro's meets your adjuster on site to evaluate your roof and point our all of the damaged noticed in our prelimanry inspection.

After we get the loss report back....

After the Initial Loss Report comes back we carefully review it to make sure nothing was missed or overlooked. We want to make sure that all of your damages were covered and if not we find out  why.

Work begins

After everything is finalized and the insurance company and RAC have made an agreement that you are happy with we get your house back to pre-storm conditions as fast as possible. Usually once all of the paperwork is finalized your project or roof is started in no less than a week.


As a homeowner you are responsible for your deductible. The insurance company deducts that money from your total settlement and releases the rest in pieces. First the RCV and then the balance of the depreciation. We do offer a referral program of 200 person that you refer to us to help offset some of the high deductibles ask your Certified Pro about our programs.